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Kirkcaldy's Haunted History

With a history stretching back hundreds of years, it’s unsurprising that Kirkcaldy has its fair share of historical buildings with ghost stories, and as it’s only a few days until Halloween, we thought there was no better time to share some of our favourites.

Ravenscraig Castle

One of the most distinctive buildings on the Kirkcaldy skyline is without a doubt Ravenscraig Castle. Built in the 15th century for the wife of King James II, Mary of Guelders, many people have sighted the ghost of a woman wandering around the castle grounds that is thought to be Mary herself, keeping watch over her home.

Feuars Arms

Situated just outside of the town centre, ghost hunters have visited Kirkcaldy to investigate this 'A Listed' pub. Some of the most notable events include beer pumps being turned off overnight, staff feeling a hand on their shoulder, a glass moving across a table, and a specific area of the cellar being freezing cold no matter how warm the rest of the bar is.

The Old Kirk

As the oldest building in Kirkcaldy, The Old Kirk is surrounded by various ghost stories. With one of the most famous stemming from 1828 when tragedy struck with the gallery collapsed during a service, killing 28 people. Since then there have been many reports of ghostly figures wandering through the church and its graveyard.

Betty Nicols

Betty Nicols, situated in The Merchant’s Quarter of Kirkcaldy High Street, dates back to the 18th Century and has been home to several ghost stories since then. Including candles seemingly lighting by themselves, figures appearing in mirrors, and even the figures of two men and a dog being seen walking through the pub area.

Balwearie Castle

Home to legendary wizard Michael Scott in the 13th century, Balwearie castle is said to be home to spirits that Scott collected while on his travels through Europe. According to the tale, he brought these ghosts home to Kirkcaldy to serve food to his guests during banquets, and they may still remain in the ruins of the tower today.

Folklore even says that the famous wizard defeated the devil and buried him in Kirkcaldy.

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