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Our Plan

Our vision is to:

“Continue the work of renewal and regeneration that creates a 21st century Kirkcaldy Town Centre that local people will be proud of.”

We’ve put together a strategy outlining this vision, our priorities, aims and objectives for 2023 – 2026, and how we plan to achieve these.


This strategy centres around four main priorities:

1. Develop and deliver projects and campaigns that positively promote Kirkcaldy

and Kirkcaldy Town Centre.

2. Take part in, or lead, projects that contribute to the regeneration of Kirkcaldy

Town Centre and the enhancement of the local environment.

3. Provide support to people, businesses, and other local organisations to thrive in

Kirkcaldy Town Centre.

4. Position ourselves as the conduit for local people to engage.

Read and download the full 8-page document below.

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