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How Shopping Local Helps Save Our Planet

We all know that when we shop local it benefits many aspects of our communities, but did we know that it also has a wider impact on the environment? As today is Earth Day we thought that we would highlight some of the ways that where we shop helps save our planet.

The most obvious reason that shopping local is better for the environment is that many of the goods we buy locally don’t have to travel anywhere near as far to reach us. This is especially true in terms of buying food, as when we shop locally, we’re often purchasing goods that have been grown or produced within the community. On the other hand, the produce in our supermarkets often has to travel vast distances to reach our plates. By buying our food locally, we reduce these distances and therefore reduce the environmental impact of our food.

When shopping local we also produce less waste. Local businesses are more likely to repurpose any damaged or faulty goods rather than throw them out as many major retailers do. Locally made items also tend to have much more of an emphasis on longevity and quality, therefore meaning there is a reduction in the waste produced when items break or wear out.

We also cut down on a lot of plastic waste when shopping within our community. It was revealed in 2018 that leading supermarkets had created “1 million tonnes of plastic waste every year.”

Finally, as we know, shopping locally greatly benefits the local economy, which in turn has a positive impact on our planet. A stronger local economy creates more job opportunities in the long run and therefore reduces the need for long commutes and brings down our environmental footprint that way.

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