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Kirkcaldy is a town with a great history.


It was once the industrial heart of Fife and it was a very prosperous town. It was also the linoleum capital of the world and had various linen and flour mills, and coal mines.​ However, from the 1960s onwards there was a decline in traditional British industries. This resulted in thousands of jobs being lost.

Read our Kirkcaldy Key Facts here.


So how do we fill the empty spaces...

The orange buildings are currently vacant units but we like to call them opportunity sites. 

For example the previous Marks & Spencer, BHS, The Postings and the old swimming pool site.
We know large retailers aren't coming back to our High Street. So where does that leave our town centre and the large retail units that are left behind? And how can we repurpose them?

empty spaces.png

What does a future Kirkcaldy Town Centre look like to you?


We want to create a 21st Century Town Centre to be proud of. We believe that will be about more local independent shops; eating and cafe culture; artisan markets and makers spaces; family friendly leisure and entertainment; an active waterfront; housing in and around the town centre; and encouraging people to shop local and support local businesses. 

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Design 1.png
waterfront images.jpeg
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What about town centre living and small scale workspace?

Do you know more than half of the upper space on our high street is empty? What if there were more people living and working in the town centre? The more people working and living in the centre means more footfall and will attract more shops and services.

office 2.png
New Bridge Street Flat 3.jpg

How can we repurpose large retail?

There are so many possibilities for large empty retail space. What would you think of these ideas? What else do you think we can do with a big space like this?

Leisure .jpg
market hall.jpg

What more could we do with the waterfront?

Regeneration work is currently underway on the waterfront. What else would you like to see?

pop up cinema.jpeg
waterfront images.jpeg
Play area

The Future is Now
Our online public consultation is now closed. However, we'd still love to hear your thoughts on Kirkcaldy Town Centre.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.