The Future is Now 

It's no secret that many town centres and high streets are facing challenges and that there's a need for change (read our Kirkcaldy Key Facts here).  Retail has evolved and we know that the big retailers aren't coming back and some have gone bust. So where does that leave the empty retail units and what should we do with them? 

Through our 'The Future is Now' project we are working with architects who specialise in town centre regeneration. We are looking at empty sites (we prefer to call them opportunity sites) in Kirkcaldy Town Centre and the aim is to identify how these sites can be repurposed and brought back to life for the benefit of the community.

Community Led  Regeneration

We can all play a part in what comes next and write the next chapter for Kirkcaldy

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​By developing plans to improve opportunity sites, it's the first step towards an ambitious but realistic project to make the town centre a place where our community can live, work, study, shop and socialise.

The five key sites in the town centre range from small to large including vacant retail units, waterfront sites and the previous Marks & Spencer building. 

Example Opportunity Sites

Have an idea?

We're looking to hear from our community on their ideas for our town centre.  Get in touch here.

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Gallery of Ideas

If you’ve been somewhere and seen a great idea that might work within Kirkcaldy Town Centre, please email your photos to