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Adam Smith Tercentenary Festival

5 June - 11 June 2023


Adam Smith Academic Symposium

world renowned professors will meet at the old kirk discussing adam smith - topics: education, Philosophy, economics and culture

8th & 9th june 2023 - 10.00am - 12 noon & 2.00pm - 4.00pm - the old kirk, kirkcaldy

Adam Smith Annual Lecture

Robert Peston delivers the tercentenary lecture

9th june 2023 - 7.00pm - adam smith theatre, kirkcaldy

Adam Smith Food Festival

the ever popular adam smith food festival returns to fife college

10th June 2023 10.00am - 4.00pm - Fife College, Kirkcaldy - free event

Adam Smith Saturday Night Entertainment

two doors down cast elaine c smith & arabella weir on stage at the adam smith theatre

10th june 2023 - 7.00pm - adam smith theatre, kirkcaldy

Adam Smith Family Fun Weekend

A full programme of events for all the family - birthday party, ceilidh, tall tales, brothers mcleod, spy quest, drop in activities

10th & 11th june 2023 - 11.00am - town house marquee - free event
10th & 11th june 2023 - 10.00am - kirkcaldy galleries - free event

Adam Smith Music Festival

Featuring performances by lights out by nine, the coaltown daisies, sandy power, the long road and adel ward

11 June 2023 doors open 2.00pm - King's Live Lounge, Kirkcaldy

View the full programme of events, and book tickets, please visit The Adam Smith Global Foundation.

Visiting the town centre for the Adam Smith Tercentenary Festival and looking for something to eat or drink?

Why not visit one of Kirkcaldy's great local eateries?

Adam Smith's Birthday Cake at The Merchant's House Cafe

Available Saturday and Sunday

Adam Smith Special Fish Tea at The Golden Bite

Available Saturday until 5pm

Salad of Moral Sentiments and Zest of Nations fruit juice deal at Kangus Coffee House

Adam Smith Burger at Jock's Grill House

Available all day Thursday and Friday, and Saturday until 3pm. Also offering a pre-theatre meal on Friday with 10% off if diners bring their tickets.

The Balmoral Club Sandwich at Roots & Seeds Cafe Bistro

A range of Adam Smith themed Cocktails will also be available this weekend at:

The Academy Restaurant at Fife College

The Wealth of Nations cocktail - Saturday only

Krafty Fine Drinks

The Philosopher cocktail - Saturday only

The Duchess

A special Adam Smith cocktail

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